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Friday, December 30, 2016

Adoption Success Story

Adoption Success Story:
With Christmas over,I thought now would be a good time to write my story about Callie!
Callie is the most recent addition to the Stone household, but the story doesn't start there!
I lost my Sandy on July 1,2016 at the age of 141/2. Sandy was also adopted from HSNMB. He was the second of my senior furry babies that passed away in 2016.
That left myself and Lilly (aka) Freckles, who I adopted in 2013 from HSNMB.
At this point, with my heart in little pieces,I made the decision not to adopt again,but to foster a small dog and help to find a loving home for he or she!
I went through the foster class with Tina and now all I had to do was wait for the right fit.
It didn't take long,as I was at the shelter when they brought out this little bundle of pure energy! She was a little spitfire. I said no thank you,she will never get along with Lilly,who is very mellow and timid. I thought she would have Lilly hiding in the closet for sure!
That face! I couldn't resist,I decided to see if this would work out but I really didn't think it would. So I brought Lilly to the shelter and we took a walk with Callie. They did fine,Lilly not really paying too much attention to her.
I brought Lilly home and then brought Callie home and let them both in the back yard at first.
In no time at all,the two ran in the house together and I was amazed.
Callie was my first foster and my first foster failure. She also may be the shortest foster in history,less than 24 hours!
Now that she has been with us several months,I can't imagine life without her! She has helped me laugh and smile again,even though sometimes it is through tears,but there are definitely less of them as time goes by! She is still a bundle of energy and a little nutty, but Lilly loves her and they play together all the time! Lilly has even lost some of her pudginess! Thank you all at the nmbhs for taking such good care of Callie for me! You all are the best!
Donna Stone

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