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Friday, January 30, 2015

Adoption Success Story

 Adoption Success Story:
I just wanted to let you know that he is living a very happy life with his new family of dogs, cats and humans.
He spent five days at an obedience training camp as soon as he left your shelter. We took his new dog brother and sisters to his camp every day to spend time on neutral ground to socialize them. When he came home on the final day of camp, his new dog siblings just thought..."cool! ....our great new play buddy at day care is coming home to play!" He fits so perfectly that we can not imagine our crew without him.
He rides in the car (actually the dog's car) with his dog siblings twice a day to their private dog park where just his family plays. He is so sweet and gentle and so very obedient. He steps away and looks at his siblings in horror and disbelief when they don't obey or just get rambunctious. He is just now making eye contact with us and he still looks amazed and enthralled by everything.
We all love him dearly and thank you so much for taking a chance on our hodge-podge family to love and care for our sweet Cole.
We thank you and all your staff for the love and concern for the animals at your shelter and the people and adopted pets passing through. Just like the dogs and cats never forget kindness neither do the people. As the saying goes, "you may forget the words another person says but you never forget their kindness"
Thank you all for your gracious kindness!
Karen Munsey

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