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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Adoption Success Story

 We found Jessica, who is now Sissy at HSNMB!  She was the right age and guess what, she is black!  We discovered she had been at the shelter for 14 months and was about 2 years old.  The only reluctance we had was the note on her cage said she would do better in a single pet environment.  She seemed sweet, but very cautious and afraid.  I had to have her.  So, with the a lot of begging and tears, and the help of North Myrtle Beach Animal Shelter and the vet, Sissy was spayed the next day and I picked her up the day after her surgery.  What a Christmas you all gave to us and I wanted to thank you with a progress report and a few pictures.
Sissy and Sammie are the perfect pair.  They kiss, clean, play, and sleep together.  The oldest cat tolerates them of course. He can be a little cranky when they want to play and he wants to sleep. Sissy adores the pit bull, who we also got from the shelter about 4 years ago. 
Want to hear about naps...okay you talked me into it.  If I take a nap, I am cuddled by Scout, Sammie, Sissy (the 3 cats) and Jasmin (the Rottie) and Chloe (the pit bull).  They cuddle with each other and me!  The beagle does not like getting in the bed much anymore, she cannot get up and down by herself and is quite independent that way.
The best part of each evening is play time.  The laser light is a huge success, all 5 of them chasing the same little red dot!  They all follow me to each room getting ready for work each morning, they are all waiting at the living room window when I get home (how do they know what time it is?), and they are all usually close by no matter what I am doing in the house, day or night.  I cannot imagine life without them.
Thank you so much for our lovely family additions, both Chloe and Sissy.
I am enclosing pictures.  The huge yellow cat is Scout, the gray one is Sammy, the black one is Sissy, beagle is Goalie, the pit bull is Chloe, and the Rottie is Jasmin.  We are glad to introduce you to our wonderful family!
Shirley Elmore


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