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Friday, May 17, 2013

Oppose SC Bill H3492

The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach 
Oppose SC Bill H3492               

Your help is needed now!
The new revision of H3492 that was drafted by the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians will be presented to the House Sub-Committee on Tuesday, May 21, 2013. The Sub-Committee will be voting on whether or not to pass this bill on to the full Committee for a vote.
If passed, this bill will drastically reduce the amount of services shelters and rescues groups can offer to our homeless animals and low-income families who need assistance with spay/neuter.
Under this bill, our shelter would no longer be able to provide core vaccinations (such as Distemper/Parvo, Bordetella, FVRCP), feline leukemia and heartworm testing or preventatives to our shelter animals. Currently, all of our homeless animals are vaccinated with these core vaccines upon intake, adhering to the standards set by U C Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and the Koret Shelter Medicine Program. The UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program utilizes veterinary science to protect the health of shelter animals so that more survive to find lifelong homes.
This bill would also limit our ability to offer low cost Spay/Neuter services to the community and would contribute to the ever challenging pet overpopulation crisis. Our current program offers reduced spay/neuter to individuals or families making less than $35,000 annually. The proposed bill states that shelters and rescues would only be able to offer assistance to individuals and families who meet the Federal Poverty Level. For example, a family of four may not have an income exceeding $23,550 and still qualify for low cost spay/neuter through The Humane Society of North Myrtle Beach.
To view the bill in its entirety click here
Please call the Sub Committee members and respectfully express your opposition.  Even if you do not live in these districts you should call them and express your views. In addition contacting the legislator for your district will be beneficial as well.   Your leaders need to hear from you!
Below is the contact information for Sub Committee Members:
Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environmental Affairs Subcommittee:
Kenneth Hodges - Subcommittee Chairman (D-Colleton)
  (803) 734-3062 - Business
  (843) 844-8756 - Home
  (843) 525-9006 - Business
Kirkman Finlay (R-Richland)
  (803) 212-6943 - Business
  (803) 695-9550 - Home
  (803) 748-1090 - Business
Wayne George (D-Marion)
  (803) 212-6936 - Business
  (843) 464-9070 - Home
  (843) 464-6884 - Business
Kevin Hardee (R-Horry)
  (803) 212-6796 - Business
  (843) 455-3567 - Home
On behalf of the many homeless animals in our care, we thank you for your advocacy.

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